Since 1977, BIFMA has held the 360° Leadership Conference to bring the leaders of the furniture industry together. It has provided an opportunity to share what issues are affecting our industry, learn how the market is changing and network with one another. The past eight conferences are recapped below.


2019/Scottsdale, Arizona
Mindset has the power to shape the actions we take and help us recognize what needs changing. Knowing that we need to change is one thing, knowing how to change is entirely different. This year's 360º explores outside influences on our thinking, how we’re wired, what’s happening around us, and what our future may challenge us to do. It’s our mindset that gives us the ability to change.

Dr. Jonah Berger - “What You Can’t See Will Persuade You”
Byron Reese - “What’s Ahead: AI, Tech for the Better, and a Promising Future”
Abby Scott & Pam Light - “The Designers Perspective”
Dr. Robert Sapolsky - “Behave, The Biology of Humans (the good and the bad)”
Matt Rollins - “Hardwired for Story: How Brands Can Deeply Connect with Customers”
Lynn Utter - “Shifts: Tomorrow’s Leadership and Operations”
Dr. Marci Rossell - “So Where Were We? The Economy, the World, and Some Clarity”
Abby Scott & Pam Light  - “Do This, Don't Do That”


2018/Miami Beach, Florida
[leadership, reputation, creativity]
Leaders demonstrate a distinct set of behaviors. How we do our work informs what our clients and markets think of us. While much of our work is programmatic, thinking the unexpected and understanding both industry and ourselves is required for great leadership. The 360° explored the roles we play, what those roles mean, and what new thinking will help us to be better leaders. 

Marshall Goldsmith - "Successful People Get Even Better"
Ken Schmidt - "Brand Reputation"
Gabor George Burt - "Harnessing Creativity"
Laura Kane - "How Your Corporate Story Drives Your Reputation"
Deborah Wince-Smith - "Charting a Competitiveness Strategy in an Age of Disruption"
Jane Hallinan & Alissa Wehmueller - "The Designers Perspective"
Todd Simmons - "Designing Decisions"


2017/St.Petersburg, Florida
market shifts and the new normal

The markets we serve have experienced seismic shifts. The web, the recession, and today’s shifting politics and demographics are creating aftershocks affecting the world at large. The 360° explored these changes, the aftershocks affecting our markets, and considered what we can expect from this new normal.

Dr. Peter T. Coleman – “Getting in Sync: Leadership in the Time of Increasing Complexity”Guide to Inventiveness”
Paul Scialla – “Wellness”
Dr. Michael Kimmel – “The Gender Equality Advantage”
John Dickerson – “Political Outlook/State of the Union”
Dan Gardner – “Risk & Superforecasting”
Denise Lee Yohn – “How To Build a Rock Star Brand”


2016/Austin, Texas
The Talent Show
Business has diversified. Traditional professional career tracks have changed and recruiting and retaining talent is an even greater challenge. The 360º explored what these changes mean to our industry and our customers businesses.

Ben Casnocha – “The Alliance – Managing Talent in the Networked Age”
Dan Schawbel – “Understanding Future Generations”
Chris Hood – “The Shared Workforce, Choice, Community”
Antonio Tijerino – “Diversity”
Mike Ettling – “Success is Simply Human”
Erica Javellana – “A Culture of Service”
Mark Barden – “The Challenger Brand Guide to Inventiveness”


2015/Miami, Florida
Make It
As the specifics of manufacturing changes one thing remains the same, manufacturing is critical to a robust economy. This year's 360º explored those changes and considered what the role of manufacturing is in the coming years.  

Lisa Gansky – “Furnishing Our Shared Future”
Nikil Saval – “The Office and its Malcontents”
Jamie Koval – “Striking the Right Balance”
Bill Strang – “Operations and Manufacturing: TOTO’s 20 Year View for the Americas”
Thomas Davenport – “Competing on Analytics with Big and Small Data”
Adam Davidson – “Tomorrow’s Office: The Forces That Hold Companies Together and Break Them Apart”
Jay Harman – “Biomimicry: The Next Big Thing – How Nature Can Radically Improve Manufacturing”

2014/Scottsdale, Arizona
Defining Space
We've been central in defining what the workspace is and how it can maximize productivity for the past 100 years. Today the workplace is changing and trending towards becoming lifestyle spaces that promote both productivity and well being. The 360º mapped the trends, ideas, and demographics that are affecting the world of work. 

Sir Ken Robinson – “Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative”
Primo Orpilla – “Groundbreaking Design”
Mark Strauss – “From Cloudy to Clear: Defining Opportunities Today”
Skylar Tibbits – “The Emergence of 4D Printing”
Geoff Colvin – “Business Model Innovation”
Anthony Ravitz – “Responsible Workplace Design”
Roman Mars – “Technology & Culture”

2013/Fort Myers, Florida
Focus On Creativity
If brand, innovation, and customer experience are core to future growth; what behaviors does executive leadership need to adopt to insure future success. The 360º dove deep into understanding what the characteristics of the "creative" CEO are how we can capture and train those behaviors in our organizations.

Michael Bierut – “The Eight Myths of Creativity”
Todd Henry – “The Accidental Creative: How to be Brilliant at a Moment’s Notice”
Ray Kurzweil – “The Secret of Human Thought Revealed”
Jason McLennan – Living Building Challenge – “A Visionary Path to a Restorative Future”
Paul Pendergrass – “The Creative CEO”
Steven Johnson – “Innovation in a Networked Age”

2012/Houston, Texas
Leadership In Transformative Times
The basic characteristics and traits of leaders has remained relatively constant. But what does leadership mean in a time of upheaval? This year's conference explored the balance between staying with the steadfast and true practices and understanding new approaches to the work we do.

Verne Harnish – “Four Critical Decisions: People, Strategy, Execution and Cash”
Alan Beaulieu – “Opportunity in a World of Uncertainty”
Liz Wiseman – “The Multiplier Effect”
David Meerman Scott – “Real-Time Marketing and PR”
Ken Schmidt – “Make Some Noise: Open the Throttle and Dominate Your Marketplace”