BIFMA Leadership Conference
Miami Beach, Florida
January 29–31, 2018

[leadership, reputation, creativity]

Leaders demonstrate a distinct set of behaviors. How we do our work informs what our clients and markets think of us.

While much of our work is programmatic, thinking the unexpected and understanding both industry and ourselves is required for great leadership. 

The 2018 360° will explore the roles we play, what those roles mean, and what new thinking will help us to be better leaders. The 2018 360° is about YOU as a leader and as a person.

No gathering in the contract interiors market dives deeper, synthesizes, and shares thinking on the issues that affect our businesses like the 360°. Executive leadership from manufacturing, supply chain, and services know that the 360° combines the best in future casting and making sense of the disruption we are all managing.

Be part of the experience.